Hekate Offerings Brew Mix

Hekate Offerings Brew Mix

This blend is meant to be used as an offering to the goddess Hekate. Known as a triple goddess, Hekate is an ancient Greek deity known for her powerful magick and influence in witchcraft. Use this brew mix to invoke Hekate and show your gratitude for any aid that she's willing to give you. It contains a mixture of mugwort, dandelion root, thyme, garlic skin, purple onion skin, and snake skin - all direct associations of the goddess Hekate.

Our brews mixes are herbal blends crafted for smells and spells. Brew mixes are to be added to your stovetop cauldron and brewed for a short duration, allowing the magickal properties to permeate your home. Each blend is intuitively blended by our Resident Kitchen Witch, Ash.

One order of Brew Mix comes in a 3.7" x 5.5" burlap bag. All Brew Mixes can also be used as herbal offerings or used to dress a candle for spellwork.
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*Metaphysical properties are not guaranteed and should not be used in place of professional or medical advice.

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