Faery Magick Kitchen Witchin’ Spoons

Faery Magick Kitchen Witchin’ Spoons


'Stir' up some Fae Magick with our one-of-a-kind Fae Magick Kitchen Witchin' Spoon!

This magickal piece is adorned with pieces of aventurine and a hand painted Fae star making it the perfect tool to invoke Fae energy wherever you may wave it. Display it in your home as witchy decor to welcome Fae energy or wave it over your prepared meals to bless them with Fae magick. You can also use this spoon as a wand during spellwork and rituals!

Our Kitchen Witchin' Spoons are made of pure, quality beech wood and measure 12 inches long. Each spoon is handcrafted with magickal intent by our resident kitchen witch.

*Please note that each spoon is uniquely crafted so some variations may be present and that you will not be receiving an exact replica of the picture shown*

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