Wolf Moon Magick

This Friday is the first full moon of the year -- can you feel the magick in the air? January’s full moon is often called the “Wolf Moon” or “Old Moon”, a time to embrace your freedom and let go of what’s been holding you back.

It’s the perfect time to look inward and release what isn’t serving you, which fits in perfectly with the energy of the new calendar year when we traditionally make resolutions in the hopes of bettering ourselves. It’s also a good opportunity to get in touch with your “pack” and grow your relationships. With this full moon, let’s get ready to set our intentions for the year ahead and manifest what we deserve in 2020.

What’s In A Name?

January’s full moon was named the “Wolf Moon” by Native American tribes because this was generally the time of year that wolf packs could be found waiting outside of camps, howling in search of food. Wolves were held in high regard by the Native Americans for the wisdom that they embody -- and for good reason! The wolf has a wealth of lessons to share with us if we’re willing to listen. As a spirit animal, the wolf gifts us with the magick of intelligence, independence, loyalty, freedom, and strong bonds with our community. During the Wolf Moon, look to your own circle of friends and loved ones for creative solutions to your challenges. If you’re able to communicate your needs to those in your pack, they can back you up and help you through whatever obstacles you encounter. Don’t forget to trust your own intuition, though! Even in a pack, wolves rely heavily on their own instincts to get them through the dark days of winter, and that’s a message we could all take to heart. The wolf also teaches us the importance of discipline in our daily lives. Thanks to their perseverance and strong will to survive, they’re able to make it through the lean months of winter. The same message holds true for our own intentions. By tapping into the introspective power of the wolf, we are better able to identify areas in our own lives where we could be more disciplined. At a crucial time when many are making resolutions for the year ahead, taking the time to commune with the wolf spirit could just be the trick to honoring your intentions.

The Cancer Eclipse

Get ready for all the feels, because this Wolf Full Moon will be much more potent than usual thanks to the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th. While everyone experiences eclipse energy differently, this lunar eclipse will tap into some serious emotional energy, bringing waves of inspiration and allowing us to shed what we no longer need. The Cancer lunar eclipse ties in well with the energy of the Wolf Moon, and is a great time to focus your attention on pack dynamics -- your relationships, your home, and your family. With the moon being so heavily influenced by Cancer this month, previously hidden relationship issues may be brought to light. Emotions will be on high alert, though, so try to stay objective and listen to your instincts. Just because it’s a good time to focus on relationships doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your own needs. Respect your personal limits and boundaries. The Cancer eclipse will heighten the overall energy of the Wolf Moon, so if you’re an empathic witch like the Solstice Sisters, you may need some extra protection during this time. To combat the amplified energy of the full moon this month, carry an Onyx with you. Onyx will promote emotional well-being and give you a boost of strength during times of emotional stress. It’s pretty much made for times like these. Eclipse energy can linger for weeks afterward, so don’t let your guard down just yet.

What Does It All Mean?

Although the Wolf Full Moon generally centers around communication and relationships, the emotional energy of the Cancer eclipse means it’s also the perfect time to slow down and listen. Pay attention to your body and thoughts. Heed the advice of your intuition, gather your energy, and prepare for the growth you’ll experience over the coming months. And don’t fret if you’re not able to see the full moon this year -- the moon is always there, whether you can see it or not. Her energy won’t be stopped by a few clouds or light pollution. Look to the sky, howl your intentions under the Wolf Moon, and let the full moon magick flow through you!

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