Who Are The Solstice Sisters?

Born from bonded energy shared between two dynamic personalities, Solstice Sisters is the manifestation of two soul sisters who share an equal passion for all things magick and witchcraft. Solstice Sisters brings together the magick of working intuitively with Fae spirits and incorporating Kitchen Magick into your daily craft.

We’ve nurtured this idea for over five years, carefully tending to the inspirational fire as our business took shape and transformed over time. It’s been a slow process, but it’s finally time for us to jump out of the broom closet!

How It All Began

As soon as we met, there was an undeniable pull between us. It was clear that although we’re not related by blood, we’re sisters all the same. Call it kismet, fate, destiny, or pure dumb luck -- we knew we were going to be in business together someday and share our witchy ways with the world. Little did we know, our patron goddesses were already plotting to bring us together for something big. There was an unshakable feeling that we were born from the same energy, split into two heathens with grand ideas. So, we got to work. Two witchy women on a mission to help others connect to their own innate magick and practice witchcraft, without all of the shame and gatekeeping. It took a lot of setbacks to get here. We’ve had a lot of Tower moments, felt the pain of ideas that died on the vine, and watched each other struggle through obstacles that felt insurmountable at the time. The funny thing is, we’re thankful for the past five years and the challenges we’ve had to go through to birth this baby. Those times taught us exactly what it is we want to do. What we need to do.

Let’s Get Witchy With It

We want to help you unlock your magick. Solstice Sisters is here to help you discover what magick means to you, in whatever way that is. That’s the best part about witchcraft -- it’s whatever you want it to be. There’s no set path, no hard-and-fast rules, no “right” way to be a witch. We believe that everyone has the ability to practice the craft, as well as their own unique way of making magick. Solstice Sisters was founded so we could share our tips, tricks, and wares with you in the hopes of seeing that inner magick thrive. We want to provide you with all the resources you need to embrace the powerful witch you are inside.

What’s Next For The Sisters

We’re excited to finally bring our ideas to life in the form of Solstice Sisters, and we can’t wait to roll out all of our new features in the coming months! You can look forward to new blog posts on our website every Monday, as well as the release of our Witchy Wares online store where you can snag custom spell jars, kitchen witch goodies, grimoire pages, and more. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we share daily tips and tricks for tapping into your inner magick.

If you’d like to learn more about the witches behind the scenes, fly on over to our About Me page and give it a read.

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