Letting Go With The New Moon

Who’s ready for some powerful lunar magick? On February 23rd, we’ll be under the influence of the New Moon in Pisces -- an incredibly potent phase for change and new beginnings. New moons are traditionally the time for setting intentions along with the new lunar cycle so that those intentions can grow with the moon during the next cycle.

While new moons can feel foggy for some witches, they do offer a burst of invigorating energy and ambition. In the darkness of February’s new moon, we can look inward and harness our own strength to get rid of what isn’t serving us anymore. This aspect makes it the perfect time for turning over a new leaf or starting a new project. If you have something you need to let go of, such as bad habits or a negative mindset, now is the time to release. Once you’ve shed that psychic baggage, you’ll be ready to blaze a new trail and make room for your intentions to manifest.

The coming weeks are bound to bring some uniquely difficult situations to the forefront but don’t panic just yet. There’s a comfort to be found in February’s new moon, and we want to help you harness that magick so you can turn your challenges into opportunities.

Tapping Into The Intuitive Power of Pisces

This month’s new moon is in Pisces, jump-starting our empathy and compassion while allowing us easier access to our intuition. These aspects can help us look at our challenges in a more realistic way and be more forgiving towards ourselves as we navigate the dark path ahead. This particular new moon comforts us with acceptance and renewed hope as we surrender to the process of letting go. This journey can leave a lot of us feeling empty and tired, thanks to the emotional waves of this water sign, so remember to ground yourself and take it one step at a time.

During this new moon, try focusing on endurance and the bigger picture. Redraw your boundaries and give yourself more room to grow. What you purge during the new moon will make way for the blessings that Pisces has in store for you. February’s New Moon in Pisces brings with it ample opportunities to reach your full potential if you clear out space for them, so don’t be afraid to start a new project or enterprise that scares you. Pisces is all about trusting your intuition and getting in touch with your true feelings, so focus on that theme when you need an extra boost of confidence or feel lost. Your spirit knows what’s best for you; trust that gut instinct when it comes knocking!

Buckle Up For Mercury Retrograde

It’s important to keep in mind that this new moon is packing an extra punch thanks to Mercury going into retrograde on the 16th. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, technology, and travel, so be prepared for miscommunications and hectic energy. The challenges that come with the new moon in Pisces this month might feel especially harsh due to the added influence of Mercury’s retrograde, and it may even cause you to doubt your intuition. Hold strong and trust in the Pisces aspect during this time. It's normal to doubt your magick, but don't ever let that doubt drag you underwater. You're a strong witch -- you got this!

This month’s new moon isn’t just mingling with the retrograde, it’s also infused with the positive and comforting vibes of Venus. While there’s bound to be the usual misunderstandings and tech issues that come with Mercury retrograde, Venus will help smooth these situations over a little and pave the way for a more loving approach to life’s challenges. Honestly, who couldn’t use more compassion like this in their life?

To lessen the usual struggle during retrograde, try calming meditations and grounding exercises. Take the time to slow down and reflect, realigning your energy with your intentions. Mercury’s retrograde while the new moon is in Pisces pushes us to overcome these obstacles and trust in our intuition despite the confusion. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. When we change the way we react to these challenges, blessings abound.

A New Moon Ritual Any Witch Can Do

Looking for an easy ritual for the new moon? We’ve got an idea! If you haven’t already, set up a sacred space in your home -- it doesn’t need to be big or elaborate, just a simple space where you can do your magickal workings. A windowsill is often a great place to start! Cleanse the energy of the place where you’ll be working and ask the Moon to bless your ritual with her energy.

Next, make a list of your heart’s desires. Whether it’s big picture goals or small intentions that you want to manifest, lay everything out on paper. Try to make it as detailed as possible, and truly envision yourself there at that moment where your wishes come true. You’ll want to create a clear image in your mind of what you want and what it will look like once it’s manifested. This will help you stay focused and make it clear to the universe what your intentions are, even if the retrograde is making communication a little difficult right now.

After you’ve written your list and imbued it with your visions, bring some fire energy into the mix. Light a candle and ask the Moon for her guidance and wisdom as you navigate the challenges ahead, and summon her strength to manifest your intentions. If you have a patron deity, feel free to leave them offerings as well during this time. Hold your hands near the candle, conjuring feelings of gratitude and love for the blessings headed your way, then burn your list in the candle’s flame while holding your vision in your mind’s eye. Allow the candle to fully burn throughout the night (safely!) and trust in the process. As the moon grows throughout its next cycle, imagine your wishes growing with it. Your intentions will manifest in due time, all you need to do is make room and believe in them.

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