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The Kitchen Witch


The Fae Witch

What started as an awkward introduction through Facebook, Jen and Ash met in 2014 and became close friends after sharing a mutual love for Doctor Who marathons and strong coffee. 

After Jen spilled out of the broom closet and opened up about being pagan, they found they had even more in common than they thought -- including a belief in magick and a shared astrological sign, thanks to both being born during Capricorn cusps. Ash fully embodies the wild and ambitious Saggitarius-Capricorn side, while Jen is deeply artsy and hardworking as a Capricorn-Aquarius. Sharing the Capricorn aspect is part of what makes them the dynamic witchy duo they are today. 

Together over the years, they rediscovered their individual crafts and began to thrive in their studies. Walking different paths and studying different forms of magick, they each bring their own gifts to the table. Jen works intuitively with the Fae to cast her spells and design her crafts, while Ash has found a unique way to weave Hekate magick with kitchen witchery into a meaningful, daily ritual practice. 


In 2017, after their fair share of obstacles, the Universe finally reunited the two witches in sisterhood and instilled a new drive to start their business together. After a stint of working side-by-side in a toxic marketing environment, Jen and Ash realized it was time to get back to their roots and leave the corporate world. Both witches began their own freelance careers and are now the masterminds behind Solstice Sisters.

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